Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sledding With Tigers/KIDS. – Split (2011)

/Acid rock, Folk punk, Blues rock, Drone rock, Psychedelic rock, Bluegrass, Alternative rock, Indie pop/

Comment: I feel myself very satisfied thanks to this 8-track split album by KIDS., and Sledding With Tigers (both musical groups from san Diego, USA). Sledding With Tigers´ music used to rely on Appalachian music tradition because the combo mixes up bluegrass and country music and its instruments with some punk attitude. Their message is related to worldly wisdom of talking about odds and ends which ultimately constitute the important whole. One can be sure they don`t like the situation they live within. You shall have to go to work because you need to pay the rent. I can agree with them it would be great to be a slacker. KIDS.´ music is remarkably more indie oriented, dance-appealed and psychedelic one because they exploit a buzzing electric organ which used to drone and vibrate through their four tracks. On the other side, the term “indie” used to be a weary one today because this word is used way too extensively and thereby saying nothing actually. It is very sympathetic that their sound is sustained with some sonic easiness of doo wop and yo-yo girl pop movement the styles which were prevalent in the 60s and 70s. The favourite of mine is Float because reflecting its power through the wall of droning organs, beautiful yet hefty female singing and catchy melodic gears here and there. On the other side, Monkeys is a bouncy blend of blues and rockabilly music. Get it. 
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