Thursday, November 12, 2015

Enkil – Evolution (2014)

/Psytechno, EBM, Tekno, Alternative dance, Psybient, Psytrance/

Comment: Franco Barletta aka Enkil is a musician with the rock music background, however, who discovered the world of electronic music/analogic synth for approximately 13 years ago. He has issued 4 outings under Teque-Nique so far. Evolution consists of three compositions (Kimika, Hypnotic State, Evolution). Roughly it is a blend of psychedelic techno and tekno and trance propulsions, alarm-alike synth wobbling and bold synth threads and some glistening ambient textures. By historical influences in music one could hear electronic body aesthetic and pathos coming out of those exuberant, solid synth developments. Eventually it could be admitted it is a solid exertion reflecting upon the solid genre.
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