Monday, October 12, 2015

Crashing Down From The Gravity - CDFTG2 (2013)

/Digital hardcore, Breakcore, Alternative dance, Techno, Hi-NRG, Aggrotech, Hardstyle, EBM/

Comment: by listening to this 5-bar issue one can say it is a contemporary, harsh dance album of digital era. It is full of hirsute and rigid synth progressions and rhythmic structures, respectively. Rhythmically it used to extend from hardstyle and EBM to drum and bass and hellektro explorations to calmer techno pads. In a word, energetically it is loaded with overwhelming static and poignant noises atop and beneath, on the right and left side. Those sonic blocks and bits used to fluctuate between getting out of focus and arrive at there again. Because of being replete with incessantly changeable rhythmic and harmonic fabric it needs remarkably more attention to touch its proper core. If one does it then she/he could perceive its greatness. The issue is a part of the Japanese imprint Ceramic Records.
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