Tuesday, September 1, 2015


/Experimental electronica, Abstract, Minimal dub, Avant-garde, Kraut-techno, Drone, Microtonal/

Comment: I do not know what exactly does it mean “ghetto plasma blaster” regarding its functionality and purpose. However, musically it is an impressive set of 10 tracks composed of droning noises, low bass frequencies, bass-heavy rhythms and spaced-out electronic chaos often amplified by dub music-like reverberations and echoes bringing forth some very deep sound layers from the bottom. These elements constitute different combinations within the compartment of electronic music. At times there are up more light-hearted moods supported by glockenspiel chords (888 Stone Steps To The Top). Barry Leaman and Steve Meltzer have done good job because all the aforementioned elements are craftily interwoven with each other and thereby providing no gaps for boredom and nonsense. Although the issue has been released in 2014 it could have been a part of emerging electronic music scene for some decades ago due to its timeless touch and dexterity and unconnectedness to human related aspects. The release is a piece of the discography of an interesting and diverse music label, called 2419 Record Label.
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