Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Abstressionist – Abstression I (2009)

/Singer-songwriter, Experimental rock, DIY, Improvised music/

Comment: once upon a time there was an imprint, called Modicum Of Silence whose goal was to release music by artists from around the area of the state of Ohio. Abstressionist was one of those artists who released four more or less short-running issues. For instance, Abstression I consists of three tracks with the total time of 7.09 only. More profoundly, there are represented stalking lyrics accompanied by frayed but spaced-out guitar playing wherein mood is downright murky. Third component is air between those sections. At Abstression I (Entanglement) the artist seems to be somewhat distrait sounding as if having a concealing cover on the chords. Later on, it will disappear to bring forth more brisk chords and emotional singing. Nice effort.
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