Wednesday, August 12, 2015

x.y.r. - waves t*pes vol.1 (2015)

/Exotica pop, Post-pop, Chillwave, Glo-fi, Hypnagogic pop, Dreamwave, Alternative, Mood music/

Comment: x.y.r is the project of Vladimir Karpov, the native from the Russian northern capital Sankt Peterburg/Saint Petersburg whose 4-track issue continues to create otherworldly beatific soundscapes replete with dreams and fata morganas of having no source at first glance. Let`s explore the titles within it – Sea Kaleidoscope, Dreamwave, Romantika, and Dolphin Smile. Inspiring, isn it? I don`t even know is it either the sort of post-chillwave sound or contemporary New Age music? Or something else? Never mind – despite it might seem unpretentious at first sight it is actually an album for die hard glo-fi/dreamwave fans. Any vibe and wobble on it seems to be thoroughly planned and elaborated for its own sake. It might be you have experienced deep dreams of depicting otherworldly dimesions and possible universes beyond the Earth. It could be something like that. In fact, it is much better than the dream because of being essentially real. Let`s partake. 
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