Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Natural Snow Buildings - The Night Country (2014)

/Drone folk, Avant-folk, Chamber folk, New Weird France, Ambient folk, Space folk, Free folk, Dream folk, Post-folk, Experimental folk, Baroque folk, Leftfield, Epic/

Comment: depending on my mood I would call the French duo Natural Snow Buildings the best recent group worldwide in several times. No joke. Indeed, Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte have been solidifying their inner and outer space experience on approximately 20 issues since the beginning of the 00s. Their music is actually much bigger than a sum of its components, however, creating the fabulous vamp over the listener`s ears on The Night Country. Although there are up 80 minutes to go it does not sound worn and boring at all throughout the course. In fact, the issue is craftily balanced due to representing spaced-out glimpses juxtaposed next to woolgathering and idyllic explorations (for instance, Eli`s Song, Season of the Slasher). Furthermore, it is quite pointless to categorize the moments of pure beauty and transcendental bridging from one galaxy to another. If you are feeling yourself a little bit lonely and depressed in the apartment in a town then this 11-track gives wings to you to fly outwards and farther until the spot of you is going to fade away. By denoting the duo`s sound by tags above I shall have to admit it is quite ill-suited to call this sound “weird folk” because such sort of soundscape seems to be thoroughly immanent, natural and full-fledged. However, by doing it nevertheless I assume you do know why I did it and what I meant. Given that a drawn-out talk is a shitty case and to end it I just say grab this divine issue and let`s immerse in a fragment of music of the spheres.
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