Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mononomoooto - 架空の洞 (2014)

/Electronic, Mood music, Abstract, Experimentalism/

Comment: I am a little confused by listening to this handful of tracks. In fact, I feel I am not able to describe it, to envelope it, to catch it, to pin it. Of course, I hear lots of sounds pouring out of there but what is the genuine intention of these sounds for me is quite puzzling to explain. However, I perceive quite simplistic, amateurish rhythms which are either adorned with subtle drones or softened chords or half spaced-out synth progressions above thereby providing powerful and poignant contrast for me. At tmes The point of mine is this is a quite mysterious issue for me maybe it would be better not to deconstruct it. Just listen to the sequence and combinations of the sounds represented over there. The result of it does not dependent on the subjective opinion of a critic it does live its own life.
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