Thursday, August 27, 2015

Edge of October – Collapse (2008)

/Dark ambient, Minimalism, Avant-garde, Dystopbient, Experimentalism, Conceptual, Drone, Neoclassical, Post-industrial, Space music/

Comment: Jeff Zvorak aka Edge of October`s 7-piece issue is motivated due to his bad mental condition which is clearly audible in these compositions. It is thoroughly dark, creepy, and stalking produced to document different phases of the course of the disease of him. Furthermore, it is a honest issue by its possible premise to help other people as well who are suffering from depression (of course, it is not the first album being presented as a medicine - for instance, I can remember for Spiritualized`s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Flaoting In Space, 1997, Dedicated). I shall have to confess that music helps finely against the disease – paradoxically dark-hued music does have the most effective power to realize it. More profoundly, subdued atmospheric drone progressions used to permeate through the soundscape which in turn consists of some metallic clatters, barely audible murmurs, pitch-shifted effects in the middle of templates, some reflections of concrete music all of that being wrapped up in impenetrable, sinister vapour. At times the aforementioned fogginess has been managed to an extent that Zvorak`s soundscape could be considered an example of space music (for instance, Iatrogenesis; Resurrecting Old Ghosts). Ultimately I have to concede it is both emotionally and artistically an eminent issue. 
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