Monday, August 17, 2015

Bool – I Eat Phantom (2013)

/Witch-step, Breaks, Space rock, Electro-rock, Leftfield, Crossover, Spoken word, Abstract, Electronic, Dark wave, Alternative, Witch-hop/

Comment: this handful of pieces is a poignant hybrid of music and spoken word. More profoundly, it is a mixture of spoken word and different sonic pads ranging from witch house influenced occult sonic appearances to mid-tempo broken beats to murky thumps to airy guitar chords and spaced-out guitar riffs. Of course, it does not mean that these elements are juxtaposed next to each other every time.  Frequently elaborate guitar sounds are mixed up with programmed rhythms and vice versa (for instance, Ancient City Emerge). However, the backbone of the issue is appearance of the Tokyo-based artist`s poems chanted in Japanese which used to overcome and to be gravitated by the aforementioned elements. In fact, an abstract language is exerted additionally. It might be the effect of the output would be bigger if only having some understanding about Japanese. The issue is a part of the discography of Black Square, the Russian-based imprint. Fairly nice one indeed. 
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