Thursday, July 2, 2015

Skeleton Zoo - [BadPanda118] Skeleton Zoo (2012)

/Mood music, Post-pop, Sampledelic, Cinematic, Glo-fi, Electronica, Chilltronica, Dreamwave, Breaks, Epic/

Comment: oh yeah, it is great delight to arrive at the discography of Bad Panda, the label from Italy which is being a platform for many artists worldwide. If to gather all the tracks the imprint has issued over the years you can constitute a fine playlist for yourself. Furthermore, the record label is being truly popular if to check out the download rates at Soundcloud, and This is not the first entry by Skeleton Zoo (the duo of Steve Goodwin and Ezekiel “Zeek” Barnett from Albany, New York, USA) into the cloud of Recent Music Heroes and it is not surprising at all. For instance, this issue consisting of one track (More Various Flavors of Chip) is a truly mesmerizing one to embark on a new day when you can perceive gentle chilliness and humidity on the grass before the sun will reach the zenith to make them disappear. Sonorously, it is the sort of sample music which runs on touching vocal samples, arousing chord progressions and poignant rhythm shuffles. Believe me the result is truly psychedelic though the ingredients within it even might not to hint at that. Or even might do because som reed organ drones are crossed with ascending orchestrations thereby paving the path for something of a truly panoramic, cinematic and hyper realistic one. in In a word, to cut up and splice the chords and cadences in a proper way – it is the hardest work to do. It is superior beauty as if living in a world depicted on a brochure of the Jehovah`s Witnesses. In a word, it is an example of ideal pop/post-pop.  
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