Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Outer Gods - Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne (2015)

/Drone doom, Drone, Ambient, Post-metal, Avant-metal, Experimentalism, Spoken word, Minimalism, Field recording, Crossover/

Comment: this issue consists of two lengthy compositions at which drone music, doom metal, and ambient are three whales the Atlanta, Georgia, US-based combo used to draw on. Although those sounds represented over there are frequently austere and bleak ones with little changes the result is highly emotive and galvanizing. Guitar based drones are densely interwoven with electronic sounds resulting in thought-provoking outputs. For instance, there are up some snippets where gloomy yet picturesque church bells and ambiances create sensations of impending doom. It is intriguing to hear how the layers of the issue are interconnected with one another and used to minimally change throughout these two lengthy courses – at times with immense even squelchy gravitational power, at times decelerated to a more minimal extent. All of that seems to be highly convincing at its uncompromising hustling. Stylistically it is puzzling to discern is it either metal-related music or drone/ambient oriented experimentations. At least, it does not make sense. Consequently it can be said it is one of the best issues in 2015 so far. 
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