Friday, July 31, 2015

Mizukage Records Compilation Vol.06 (2011)

/Folktronica, Modern classical, Glitchtronica, New Age, Piano music, Dream folk, Experimental electronica, IDM, Kosmische Musik, Chamber pop/

Comment: this compilation proves that the Japanese music could stylistically be very varicoloured and eclectic, however, giving no damn regarding the content and verve. Indeed, the listener can discover lots of great compositions from there extending from keen folk and electronica mixed compositions to semi-mechanical loops and incisive digital noise blended torrents to breezy flute fuelled New Age-y motives to Moog induced spaced-out rhythms to quirky modern classical outputs where slowly slung piano chords are accentuated with fragile noises and bracing debris. In fact, the listener can discern how subtle melodies and sublime harmonies are juxtaposed against possible kind of form experiments thereby creating welcoming tension between these compartments. All of that reminds of My Bloody Valentine who was probably the first alternative rock combo being ready to introduce an inferior, noisy concept with fascinating melodies and enthralling gears. The miscellany involves such artists as fraqsea, Atnr, Sane Masayuki, Hajimeinoue, Oxyfog, Fugenn& The White Elephants, Go-Qualia, Shintaro Aoki, Waki, Himuro Yoshiteru, Tsunenori, Morning Dew, Yoshihisa Nagao, and Haniho Kyuden (Tominaga & Aiko). 

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