Saturday, July 18, 2015

LuckEnHouse – Panaji (2014)

/Psytrance, Ambient trance, Psychill, Mood music, Psybient, Alternative dance, World music, Ethnic electronica/

Comment: exactly one year ago, on the 19th of July in 2014 LuckEnHouse posted at his Facebook site the announcement about the release of an album, Panaji which used to weave psychedelic hazes, electronic rhythms of trance and chill out music and world music/ethnic music oriented motives to create a set of 57 minute to embed the needle deep into the listener`s hedonistic cerebral centre. Yeah! Indeed, it is a sophisticated outing with regard to have got to set out the plan to balance smoothly between the aforementioned styles. Since the 60s the Indian music has been having a substantial influence on the Western pop culture. Regarding the issue the listener can perceive ethnic motives coming out of the northern regions of India and influences of Goa trance stranded in the midst of bouncy rhythms and breezy synthesised orchestrations atop. This album could readily be a part of the discography of Ektoplazm, the trance oriented label. The issue is dedicated to Richard H Kirk who founded Cabaret Voltaire with Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson thereby being one of the pioneers of industrial music, noise music, post-punk music and later electronic dance music either. In a nutshell, this 8-notch issue is an elysian meal for your body and mood.  

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