Sunday, July 19, 2015

AbJo - The Art Of Dreaming (2010)

/Breaks, Alternative pop, Soul-hop, Electronica, Dream-hop, Trip-hop, Chilltronica, Piano music, Art music, Mood music/

Comment: San Diego-based producer AbJo`s issues can be dug out from Bandcamp – there are represented 16 ones. However, The Art Of Dreaming is an exception being outside the row. In any cases, The Art of Dreaming is an eminent issue where more or less fractured hip-hop and trip-hop breaks are adorned with subtle glockenspiel induced jingle-jangle, captivated synth loops, moderate sonic effects, dizzy harp drenched enchantment and intellectual play of art pop tendencies. Mandatory tones of soul music are also up there. Although the predominant milieu on it is sedative and soothing the signs of a good album cut through during the course of these 22 minutes. It almost sounds like the 00s instrumental equivalent to Radiohead`s OK Computer (1997). In true, some guitars are represented over there now and then. Moreover, AbJo did manipulate with such sonic elements and extended techniques which later would be reflected on the albums of Oneothrix Point Never. Check it out. 
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