Friday, June 26, 2015

Philippe Faujas – Deriva Sonora (2011)

/Musique concrète, Field recording, Experimentalism, Non-music/

Comment: it was many years ago when I ardently argued about outside recorded sounds with my friend. The point was about valuableness of those sounds while you have chance to go out to the nature otherwise. More concretely, how valuable could be the simulacrum in fact? However, my then hostile stance has softened over the years. Furthermore, the field recording compositions are frequently processed and/or blended with artificial sounds and/or conceptually confined to have disparate goal other than just providing an anaemic template from the nature. The Spanish artist of French heritage Philippe Faujas` 19-minute composition involves windy “beats”, crackles, clicks, hits, speech snippets, motorcycle accelerations and bypasses, street noises, the paces of human beings, train induced metronomic “cadences” and so forth. Tongue in cheek, at times the soundscape can be considered the natural kind of glitched-out music because of being tightly wrapped up by a high consistency of hisses and crackles. In a nutshell, it is an interesting alternation to your common listening habits. 
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