Saturday, June 20, 2015

Manakal - Goodbye My Life (2014)

/Lobit, Lo-fi, DIY, Non-music, Leftfield, Psycho-acoustic/

Comment: it is said at the Popsakal Records` site this is the goodbye album by Manakal. Having had no knowledge of that I would think it is a soundtrack for to commit suicide. Yet, there is the hint to his life thus thinking in this direction is quite reasonable. More profoundly, what kind of suicide then with regard to a length of 3.33? Hanging by the neck? Cutting the veins? Jumping down from the board of a plane? Rolling down from the mountain? Inhale the CO in the garage while the engine of a car is switched on? In comparison with the sparse seconds the issue`s content is even more austere. It sounds like a reversed soundscape of the moaning viscera where peristalsis is severely dysfunctional and painful conjuring up dull and indecipherable sounds. Or is it the sound coming from an outer space of asshole-shaped? In a word, the result is same in any cases. I like these absurd albums issued on the politically highly incorrect Popsakal Records. At least these artists got used to be without hypocrisy in their expression if compared to the rest of this arse felt world. Let´s smack that ass-to-mouth misanthropic thing. 
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