Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gotikplage - We Are Synonymous With Sin (2008)

/Experimental metal, Ambient, Screamo, Progressive metal, Psychedelic/

Comment: Gotikplage was the first nom de plume of Nic Ross, an artist from Whitehouse, Ohio, USA who headed a fine netlabel called Modicum Of Silence which was an outlet for different artists from Whitehouse-environing/Ohio area. Mostly there were up artists who played innovative electronica, folk and rock fuelled music (Telemetrics, Chad Foltz, Kevin McCraney, Tree No Leaves, Abstressionist etc). Maybe the most well-known artist was Brothertiger, who gained enough success at the pinnacle of chillwave/glo-fi/hypnagogic hype. However, this 8-track issue was released when Nic Ross was only 16-year old. We Are Synonymous With Sin is the tight blend of progressive metal, screamo and ambient music elements being accentuated with boldly psychedelic organ sounds and concrete music whiffs at times. Of course, those slowly progressing spaced-out soundscapes are spellbinding ones. At times the listener can feel as if there is raucous screaming balanced with airy sonic pads. All these tendencies would forebode the forthcoming aesthetics of Our Subatomic Earth, Ross` next one-man-project. Yet, Gotikplage`s oeuvre was remarkably more concise because the compositions are particularly short-running, for instance, reaching the mark of 2 minute only on one occasion at here. In a nutshell, these 10 minutes and 40 seconds are thoroughly striking.
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