Monday, June 15, 2015

ある一日。 – 文月だいご (2015)

/Toytronica, Baroque pop, Organic electronica, Chamber pop, Indietronica, Post-pop, Art folk, Folktronica, Post-folk, Crossover, Cowbell indie/

Comment: although I have listened to this handful of tracks for many times I do not know how the artist`s name and the title of the album should be pronounced being signified for the MS Mincho font. However, it might even be useful of having no hints at it because of getting free hands to interpret it on more emotional level. By classification it is a menarche of styles which core is loaded emotionally for your sad days (divorce from your lover, enjoying late autumn days). Indeed, it veers away from infantile indie electronic progressions and arpeggio-shaped guitar shaping to full-fledged orchestrated manoeuvres and picturesque cowbell indie tinkling. Sonically it is an interesting listening because much debris used to flit around to get entered into the mix of stringed instruments and electronic shuffles. Furtermore, the artist exploits concrete sounds to progress into it or getting out of it. In any cases, doing it in an organic way. Although there is passed by many decades from the onset of indietronic/folktronic music to be appeared the genre still does have enough potential and credibility to compete with nascent genres and survive many of them (for instance, chillwave, witch house). Similar artists might be candidates for the future mainstream charts sometime (for instance, in 2055). One of the most pre-eminent issues in 2015 is here to get immersed in. Utmost coalescence.        
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