Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SC#006 VA Compilation (2014)

/Experimental electronica, Glitchtronica, Dubstep, Ambient dub, Electro, Space music, Leftfield/

Comment: Symbiotic Cube is a record label from Cologne, Germany, the home city of an essential krautrock group named CAN. CAN was a combo who liked to produce frantic and cutting-edge yet strongly danceable compositions, at times more funky, at time more disco, at times more reggae-inclined. This menagerie of 10 tracks involves also dance-appealed numbers though they chime in a more remarkably electronic and software-based way. The miscellany includes artist worldwide (from USA to Iran, from Russia to Mexico). The whole is masterfully selected and compiled extending from emotive, almost pop-induced electronic music and electro to more cut-up, sheltered and hidden compositions. In any cases, if you are planning to organize a space journey this example is a good source to get some moody music for relaxing in these days. There are represented such projects as Odepth, Andi Finger, Abduct, Leaving the Planet, GLASKIN, Reverse Bullets, Rowan J. Thyme, YBSTN, Tzeshi, and r.m.ʝʎ. In a word, come close to it to discover the asset of it. 
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