Monday, May 4, 2015

Rosario Indie - Compilado 2014 (2014)

/Indie pop, Psychedelic rock, Alternative dance, Alternative rock, Fuzz pop, Electro-indie/

Comment: it is a decent miscellany of disparate indie pop tendencies – ranging from common indie pop progressions, dreamy pop reveries and dance-appealed notches to krautrock influenced motorik beats, knee-deep psychedelic reflections and clamant outcries of guitar sounds. In a word, this compilation involves plenty of synth sounds, electronic manipulations, fetching guitar chords and crossover sounds, This compilation of 17 tracks is related to Rosario, a city in Argentina. Indeed, it gives you a good overview about indie music in Rosario, and Argentina either. There are represented such artists as Mi Nave, Oscar Favre, Daddy Rocks, Juani & Checho, Proyecto Sarajevo, Vacaciones en Globo, Juli Camelli, Helena Nav, SÉNOR CASCO, ńńńń, Hombre de Color, Jubany, Té de Indio, Korben Dallas, Rejected & The X Club, Cromattista, Alpha Centauri. Most ditties are sung in Spanish. 
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