Saturday, April 18, 2015

Piss On Authority / SLUG - Echoes Of The Past Reverberate into Our Future (2014)

/Hardcore punk, Trash punk, Crust punk, Anarcho-punk/

Comment: if you feel bored of arty post-punk aesthetics (or something like that) but still ready to continue with similarly categorized music then I recommend listen to this split of different kind of punk rock. POA and Slug provide an unembellished kind of hirsute punk torrents directly cutting to the chase by handling societal and political shortages based on egoism and lies of the politicians and readiness to preserve the status quo of recent political system. Furthermore, the artists hint at the fact that the systems used to dominate over individuals and it does not make sense at all who govern on the top over us. Pessimistic yet actual, isn`t?                 
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