Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ergo Phizmiz - Some Folk Can (2014)

/Sound collage, Sampledelic, Alternative rock, Dub, Electronic, Art rock, Plunderphonics, Experimental rock/

Comment: what else can be expected from the plunderphonic/sound collage musician but interesting sound slivers and startling mash-up intentions. Ergo Phizmiz`s 10-track album starts off with pouring rock leaned riffs which later will be traded for different kind of rhythms (from minimally designed to exuberant ones). At times the concept is extended by dub drenched melodica ridden chords and shimmering guitar playing which is a welcome variance with regard to the whole for sure. It can be said Phizmiz pays partly tribute to dub influenced post-punk/alternative rock music. In a word, this album seems to be wherein Phizmiz turned into arty rock music faith (of course, it is a conditional statement regarding his multi-faceted sonic frame). The album reminds me of some Dave Keifer aka Cagey House`s compositions.  
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