Thursday, February 5, 2015

Luciftias - Dronosphere III Transcension (2014)

/Drone, Abstract, Epic, Soundscapes, Drone rock, Dronegaze, Avant-garde, Dark ambient, Experimentalism, Minimalism/

Comment: undoubtedly La Monte Young and his comrades have much contributed to the development and broadening of sense of music. The tentacles of drone music can be found from everywhere today – from academic circuits and black metal and doom metal to more pop infected genres. However, by speaking about Luciftias` 70-minute composition it is problematic to generalize it – is it whether drone induced rock music or drone music with some influences pulled out from the experimental rock scene. However, it does make no sense because the main point reflects upon inability to differ audible sounds from inaudible ones whether being generated by the listener`s fondness to conjure up sounds or just produced by their imagination. Less is more does not mean it is somehow simplistic or inferior. In a word, the result is bewildering and spellbinding full of epic crescendos and swells for your pleasure. Mundane meets divine, rough meets sublime.       
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