Monday, January 26, 2015

Tunguska Electronic Music Society - Siberian Jungle Vol.5 (2014)

/Drum and bass, Electronica, Jungle, Mood music, Dream and bass/

Comment: TEMS is a collective of artists and musicians from Siberia, Russia who have issued a barrage of compilation albums during the last 7-8 years. They have got many followers all around the world. This time their key word is jungle, though their approach is without orthodox one because of mixing those pumped rhythms with synthesizer invoked magniloquent panoramas and drowsy new age-y feeling and even indie electronic and jazzy whiffs. It is a moody album rather than having intention to conquer the club venues. However, there are up some exceptions either. Get yourself the headphones and listen to this decent agreement between those spaced-out panoramas, blissful synth touches and spicy rhythms. It used to ignite some memories from my childhood while watching and enjoying the film score of such cartoon as Tayna Tretey Planety (1981, Sojuzmultfilm). Indeed, the compilation embraces a lot of outstanding compositions. There are represented such artists as Susanin, N-Box, Black Dominates, Joint Stock Galaxy, Berkheya, Cj Ools, Parhelia, SND, Van. In a word, TEMS did it again. It is obviously one of the best compilations from the year 2014. The more you listen to it the more it winds up.    
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