Monday, January 26, 2015

Philip Johnson – 0714 (2015)

/Experimental pop, Primitive music, Industrial, Experimental electronica,  Avant-pop, Art pop, Dada music, Freeformfreakout, Non-music, Improvised music, Weird pop/

Comment: this the second entry of mine into the discography of Year Zero Records, an experimental label frequently promoted by such great blogspot as Die or D.I.Y?. Philip Johnson`s 30-minute long album consists of spastic electronic drifts, overdriven guitar noises and angular drumming reminding an early Cabaret Voltaire, for instance. However, all of it said above conveys almost nothing about the release because if you do not listen to it you cannot perceive this frantic dada-drenched attitude resulting in fairly weird sonic effects, bent words, spinning noises, elongated keys and uncanny classical music developments. Furthermore, it is simultaneously primitive (sometimes also mimicking minimalist music stances) and sophisticated (for instance, conveying feeling of social relevance to the listener at Just Like It Should). Johnson`s experiments with simplistic yet somewhat eerie electronic beeps remind me of such eccentric electronic music pioneers as Bruce Haack, and Raymond Scott. Very solid issue by any avant-garde measures.    
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