Sunday, January 4, 2015

Naked House – Afterthought EP (2013)

/Indie pop, Synth rock, Alternative pop, DIY, Electro-indie/

Comment: Naked House is an one-man-band (Damon Guyett) from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada whose 6-track (within a  12 minute set only) issue is amalgamation of chirpy light-hearted melodies and burbly electronic keyboard driven pads, optimal string chords and brass whiffs thereby reminding of such one-man-combos as Magnetic Fields, and His Name Is Alive, for instance. The duo is backed up by highly sonorous and sensual vocal delivery of Ohsowhy (Ylva Krantz) whose female vocal contributes to the catchiest ditty on it, called The Joke We Lived Isn`t Funny Anymore by the way. The lyrics of the album is worth to be discovered (it says something about the zeitgeist of modern youth). In a word, the duo`s musical approach is simple and straight up yet striking your ears. Very good. Dig it.  
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