Monday, December 22, 2014

Ou Où – Geocities (2013)

/Shoegazetronica, Experimental rock, Epic, Ambient trance, Leftfield, Crossover, Avant-rock, Kosmische Musik, Ambient drone, Alternative dance/

Comment: it is simply awesome…based on druggy rhythms which at times will expand into a panoramic moloch amplified with elemental loops, vivid techno paces, oneiric synth progressions and dreamy, even astral shoegaze-y pads. The listener can enjoy different motives simultaneously and stepwise coming out from the same direction to constitute something unbelievable and cathartic. Although the St Louis, Missouri-based duo (Travis Burski, Patrick Weston) is apparently influenced by such groups/albums as The Orb (Orblivion), Tangerine Dream (Ricochet), My Bloody Valentine (Tremolo EP), and Seefeel (Quique) it is idiosyncratically overwhelming touch presented on this 6-piece issue. If you listen to the finishing composition Maidan it chimes like an eargasmic experience on its own. It might be pop music or not but it is music with the initals. Mandatory in any sense.           
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