Friday, December 19, 2014

Coeval – Distante (2005)

/Ambient drone, Soundscape, Avant-garde, Dystopbient, Organic electronica, Dark ambient, Improvised music, Musique concrète, Experimental electronica, Noise, Experimentalism, Illbient, Abstract, Glitchtronica/

Comment: this 6-track issue was initially just one long-running track performed at Sonar in Barcelona, Catalonia in 2005. The result is outstanding due to abstract droning, thought-provoking sonic phasing, exploitation of different materials and field recordings to create genuine sonic patterns and innovative sonorous landscapes. Some sounds on it chime like deeply buried ones coming forth from underground mazes and ornamented with glitch-y noises, signal-alike sonic pulsations, and overwhelming vibrating effects. Emotionally Juan Carlos Blancas` compositions used to sway between abstract and evil-sounding, however, giving no fuck to the listener. Is it a soundtrack for the abandoned wastelands and landscapes? All in all, it is a great shit for your pleasure.             
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