Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chuzausen – Unorthodox Part One (2012)

/Chiptune, Experimental electronica, Sampledelic, Electro pop, Mood music, Alternative dance/

Comment: the Spanish project Chuzausen`s 7-track album is partly based on raspy sawtooth wave patterns. On the other side, it is mixed up with expressive vocal samples, sci-fi electronic fringes or rather jettisoned in favour of more conventional yet gripping dance-appealed undulations. In a word, electronic and noisy experiments on it are finely outbalanced with moody melody lines and simplified or even childish progressions in sound building. The whole is relentlessly shifting throughout in chord and rhythm developments. It is a cutting edge inclined pop album infused with spaced-out magic and elemental lulu.  
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