Sunday, December 21, 2014

(((О))) – CHURCHBURN (2011)

/Witch house, Avant-electronica, Gothgaze, Drag house, Ghostgaze, Newbreed, Trianglecore, Hip-hop, Epic, Experimental electronica, Remixes, Darktronica, Post-industrial/

Comment: occult-themed dark synth progressions, disturbingly shifting rhythms and obscure vowel experiments are mixed up with each other throughout 15 tracks. Only the finishing †hroVV y▲ se† in d▲ ▲!r (Cypress Hill Zombie Rave RMX) remix is clearly more hip-hop centred - with catchy rapping and signal-fuelled impulses in the background. The issue involves many highlights due to slowed-down epic synth explorations which seem to be similar to some gloomy shoegaze/dark wave related albums like Treasure by Cocteau Twins, or The Burning Circle And Then Dust by Lycia. Great stuff!            
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