Thursday, November 20, 2014

w02f – 01 (2013)

/Ambient drone, Experimentalism, Glitch ambient, Avant-garde, Noise, Abstract, Ambient/

Comment: this 8-track album is an amazing listening experience created by Sankt Peterburg, Russia based producer Alexandr Remington. Those tracks used to chime like glimpses coming out from outer space to reflect the past which is actually future for us on Earth. Of course, his soundscapes remind me of Tim Hecker`s early masterpieces threaded with glitched out white noise impulses and washed out with overwhelming hisses frequently. Remington`s music is a fine example of how to amplify low frequencies to the next level. Although all these tracks are very long-running ones these will seamlessly change their shapes and organically veer into other Galaxies. In a word, it is an otherworldly mesmerizing experience.              
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