Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chenard Walcker – The Pusher (2006)

/Funk, World fusion, Soul, Afrofuturism, Psychedelic, Cut and paste, Art rock, Delta blues, Plunderphonics, Sound collage, Sampledelic, Experimentalism/

Comment: the French surrealist Chenard Walcker started off his music career in the beginning of the 00s additionally his visual collage projects. He had been very prolific during the next 4-5 years in producing music before he fell in diabetic coma. Most of his sound is produced under his own Free Sample Zone though some of them are being parts of the discography of WM Recordings, Comfort Stand, and Laboratoire Moderne. Musically he continued to solidify the tradition of plunderphonics and sample-based music (John Oswald, People Like Us, Pogo, Cagey House, Christian Marclay, Cassetteboy, The Evolution Music Committee, Ergo Phizmiz etc). The Pusher is built up on the black music tradition (mostly US-based but also suggestive of some Africa centred futuristic progressions) but also adding some volatile art/prog music whiffs and ecclesiastic Catholic singing into his melting pot. The result is seamlessly mesmeric, persuasive and may be introducing to discover the rest legacy of the French juggernaut.
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