Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mel - Unguarded (2010)

/Ambient, Experimental electronica, IDM, Folktronica, Post-rock/

Comment: Mel is the Japanese musician Aogu Yoshida (also known as On_14, and Ao) who is being part of the discography of such labels as Test Tube, Bypass, MiMi, On-Li, Rain Music, Complementary Distribution. Unguarded was issued in 2010 under the Chinese label Bypass. The album consists of a couple of lengthy compositions, however, being truly eclectic and mixed. More concretely, borderline post-rock meets downhome folktronic meets circulatory IDM meets panoramic ambient. The issue is based on an edited live recording with purpose to preserve the previous warmth inside it. The listener can perceive both acoustic and electronic feel, both freedom and titillatingly aesthetical pressure on her/his nerves. Furthermore, some of these acoustic chords seem to be loaned from the Japanese traditional music. Despite of being heavily segmented in form the whole sounds in an organic way. In a nutshell, it is truly appealing.      
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