Friday, October 10, 2014

Jowell Ghanter – Phu Jowells (2012)

/Experimental electronica, World fusion, Avant-electronica, Glitchtronica, Minimalism, Primitivism/

Comment: in spite of providing a vast amount of minutes (120) to convey the concept Richmond, UK-based Jowell Ghanter`s approach is quite easy to delineate. It sounds like sonic experiments by some electronic pioneers approximately 5-6 decades ago. More profoundly, the artist`s sound seems to be quite obsessive because of focusing upon the explorations of particular sonic motes and broadening the concept step by step in a linear and minimal way. There are no rhythms in the usual sense of the word – the rhythm-alike facets used to rely on underlying repetitions and ragged structure differences. All of that used to result in angular, noise-soaked primitive electronic outputs, filled with frank enthusiasm and protuberant desire to create something truly idiosyncratic and different, however, undermining our ideas with regard to a beautiful electronic music approach. It can say the artist`s aspiration will be fulfilled in that sense. The only exception is the track Elephant Camel where the artist expands its borders by incorporating the fringes of world music into the mix. In a nutshell, this 12-notch issue is suggestive in mimicking a particular nostalgic period in the history of electronic music.                
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