Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tinyfolk and Wisdom Tooth - Oxbow Woods (2010

  • New Weird America
  • Free folk
  • Folk indie
  • Dream folk
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Indie folk

Comment: I guess everyone who was involved in music provided by such great platform as it was Bloomington, Indiana-based CLLCT knows Tinyfolk very well. Tinyfolk was one of the most beloved artists under the umbrella. He later moved on from Bloomington to Chicago, Illinois where he formed an indie rock collective, Pretty Swans with his fiancée Megan Lamb aka Iron Like Nylon, and Jim L aka James Eric aka Garden On A Trampoline. Oxbow Woods is the artist`s probably the most grown-up issue due well balanced line between suggestive melodies and harmonies and fabulously setup instruments. At times the acoustic chords are underscored with fine-feeling electronic progressions and whiffs. Wisdow Tooth is an artist who was previously totally unknown to me (I suspect it might be Meghan Lamb). However, her singing manner is frequently fairly bewildering corkscrewing against austere ukulele based backgrounds and some sonic effects here and there. In true, there are no shortages in changing moods and tempos. These good old days will be remembered with nostalgia.                                      
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