Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DavidKBD - Plastik-The Technosphere (2011)

  • Trance
  • Techno-metal
  • Electro-metal
  • Dance pop
  • Crossover
Comment: David KBD is a musician from Pamplona, Basque country. His 7-track issue is a melting pot for poppy techno cadences, bubbly trance rhythms and metal guitar riffs. The result is fizzy and upbeat, though, being superficial, simplistic and cheesy by its nature. Actually the whole chimes like a long-running track, just providing some pauses at different times. The artist tries to find out the middle ground between disparate genres or to amount to them, though, having no plan and enough depth to manage it. On the other side, there are certainly some elements to create finer and more segmented results. Moreover, Tinkling Lights is a banner thanks to an unforgettable motif and subsidiary progressions and relaxing pads around it. 
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