Monday, September 29, 2014

Cldscp – Menso Freakfolk (2010)

/Lo-fi, Freak folk, New Weird Argentina, Cover, DIY, Primitronica, Toytronica, Weird folk, Trip-hop, Free folk/

Comment: as the title expressively suggests this 8-track issue is about freakiness and folk music, however, these nouns and adjectives are closely related to each other. Additionally, the Argentinian-based duo`s music used to incorporate yet many stylistic elements to create the crunchy outcome. Andy and Leopo used to exploit a wide array of more or less conventional instruments and concepts which extend from the utilisation of accordions, ukuleles, basses, Casio Tonebank-series synths to toys, beat-boxing, abraded electronica and few 8-bit music/video game snippets, and concrete music samples. Very likeable is Leopo`s singing filled with gentle flickers and vulnerable flutters. Beneath layers produced with the aforementioned instruments do throb skiddy trip-hop paces. Unchained Melody is a cover of Presley`s most famous song. By kindred souls the duo`s music can be compared with the sonic aesthetics of the sisters Cassady. The result is childish yet spiritedly conveyed.             
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