Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tracing Arcs – Wasteland (2014)

  • Trip-hop
  • Jungle
  • Downtempo
  • Mood music
  • Alternative pop
  • Remixes
  • Nu jazz
  • Soul
  • Alternative dance
  • Cinematic

Comment: Fran Kapelle, and Paul H Addie provide a subtle trip-hop album, of 10 tracks presented there are 7 original ones and 3 are remixes. The favourite (and fortunately overwhelming) element within the duo`s soundscape is a sustaining synergy between Fran`s soothing (sometimes sinister, though) vocal submission and Paul`s haunting yet somehow blissful instrumentation – which is a blend of either relatively rough or caressingly hovering guitar chords, cinematic synths and bold yet suggestive rhythm sequencing. In other words, it can be compared with the situation when you drift along in your dream and all what you can see there seems to be so hyper-realistic and bewitching. The listener`s feels will be overshadowed by such a kind of magic. At times you might feel it is not an exemplar of trip-hop at all but an example coming out of the witch house genre. One of the best music issues in 2014.         

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