Thursday, June 6, 2013

Various Artists - It's The End Of The World... (2012)


/Alternative pop, Experimental rock, Improvised music, Indie rock, Electronic pop, Covers, Conceptual/

Comment: this batch of 12 tracks is dedicated to the chosen songs of some legendary cult musical groups like Skeeter Davis, The Urinals, Renegeades/Bill Haley, Devo, Chaos UK, Mofungo, Silver Apples, Alkaline Trio, Meat Puppets, Bob Dylan, Prince, Jim Reeves. The whole is challenging due to intriguing versions extending from hirsute, bluesy induced alternative rock and buffoonish but catchy songwriting to heavily pulsating synth funk sequences, freely designed electronic explorations with regard to mimicking the early electronic explorations and experiments. The covers are performed by such artists as Bob Bannister, Talya Cooper, Freaky Farewell Fallout Shelter, CD (Civil Defense), Ströken, Owen Kline, Mathew Patalano, Alex Curtin, Jose Garcia`s Baseball Arms, Jed Smith, Chie Mori, Decaf, and Kareem Rable and Danielle Choi. On the ball.
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