Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Panthan - Five Pointed Swords (2012)


/Drone rock, Drone doom, Ambient, Avant-rock, Avant-metal, Experimental rock, Experimental metal, Epic, Post-rock, Post-metal/

: Panthan (the project of Brian John Mitchell & Nicholas Slaton) sets about its business with massive, hypnotizing drone doom rock/metal carcasses, ghostly bass frequencies emitting slowly but incessantly from the bottom with bleak but incisive synth glimpses which in turn carve the walls of the soundscape. Furthermore, those guitar washes and riffs being set up somewhere in the middle of the sound and those spastic, hellish grooves and maelstroms deliver for the 8-track album unforgettable feel and inject enough vigor and innovation, respectively. In a word, it can be considered a sonic juggernaut full of booming main layers and more or less hidden subsidiary sonic ones.
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