Saturday, June 15, 2013

Owl Brain Atlas - Snow Eater (2013)


/Avant-garde, Noise, Musique concrete, Experimentalism, Psycho-acoustic, Acousmatics, Avant-electronica/

Comment: although this album consists of 30 tracks all these ones are just snippets, fragments and sonic glimpses finished off in total at 20.09. Owl Brain Atlas is the project by Colorado based musician J.D. Nelson who generates noise with vocal samples, field recordings, and guitars. Indeed, the result is a kind of subtle noise infiltrated with concrete sounds, evocative sonic effects, and spoken word touches. More concretely, the wind blows at a distance, ghastly electronic ideas attack on you, warped vocal snippets, peculiar electronic flickers come out from nowhere, preserve their monotonous standings be disappeared into nothing ultimately. In a word, it is a challenging, thought-provoking listening time. Recommended for melomans who like all kind of challenges in the realm of experimental electronic music.
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