Sunday, June 9, 2013

[distopia] - First Sequence


/Dark ambient, Post-industrial, Neoclassical, Dystopbient, Darkwave, Avant-garde, Funeral doom, Experimentalism, Psycho-acoustic/

: it is said at Lastfm that [distopia] was formed in 2005, in Athens, Greece. Inspired by the urban culture, combining both social and occult themes, creating a sound that could be described as dark ambient, industrial , power electronics, noise and last but not least as cinematic. The particular issue involves many of these styles, though, baleful dirge-induced misanthropic appearances and loose but compelling EBM-alike rhythmic scatters were not included in the abovementioned listing. However, these 10 pieces do constitute a forgotten gem altogether with regard to wretched, miserable outlooks reserved for the human kind to the future. In a word, one shall have to reflect inside herself/himself to figure out possibilities for changes. Otherwise, you will have no chance. NB! Having no idea when exactly First Sequence was firstly publicized. 
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