Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bruno & the Susio Soul Squad - The Blue Shadow (2013)


/Funk, Lounge pop, Jazz, Mood music, Club dance, Soul, Alternative pop, Soft rock/

: these 9 tracks spread out over 31 minutes reveal the Italian collective`s appeal toward soul and funk music at times embedded in the frames of jazz music. Actually the group`s previous albums used to take on the same stylistic contours, however, the recent one is my indisputable favorite on the strength of exploiting captivating female voices and cocktail induced laidback soundscapes bordering on smooth alternative pop/soft rock progressions and even more synthetic, DJ technique based undertakings and electronic effects- the most important is the collective do convey neither bad taste staggering nor campy entanglements. Indeed, it a truly fine half-hour listening time reminding of witty aesthetics of the 70s and 80s and even in some weird way easiness of the soundtracks arranged by famous film score composer Bruno Nicolai. By the way, the ditties are sung in English and (and a little bit in Italian and French).
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