Saturday, May 11, 2013

Suffering Astrid - Gale Inlay (2012)


/Shoegaze, Noise rock, Psych-rock, Epic, Avant-rock, Space rock, Post-rock, Experimental rock, Ambient rock, Guitar ambient/

Comment: This 6-track issue hails from Mlava, Poland by Suffering Astrid, which is the nom de plume of Bruno Janiszewski who used to shuffle templates involving the epic spectrum of glowering shoegaze-esque feedbacks, lofty noise transitions, treated ambient and electronic (arranged without any synths and electronic devices, though) terrains. Now and then his soundscape sounds like a tribute to Glenn Branca produced by Kevin Shields full of enthralling transitions, psyched-out bouts, and infiltrated grimy, glitchy noises. Furthermore, by get involved in such a sphere there is an unavoidable "clash" between near-silence and bold noise mediations provided that the listener does have his/her own endurance limit. All in all, the result is outstanding and mesmeric by any means. Janiszewski hits with tremendous elegance, loftiness and power. He gets into full speed and you will be stuck in it. The title says everything.
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