Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Schizoid - The Remixed Extremes (2013)


/Cybergrind, Cyberpunk, Remixes, Industrial rock, Brutal metal, Electronic, Techno metal, Breakcore/

Comment: this 16-track album contains remixes of the tracks of Schizoid`s album The Next Extreme. Among the remixers are Evestus, Dirty Fingers Licked, Ambassador 21, Not Half, Tuareg Geeks, Needle Fac7ory, Robot(a), The First Seed, Heartworm, Hyperdriver, Knar, Fft Error, Midi Fister, Drugzilla & Famine. However, it is a painful blend of brutal metal/industrial rock/grindcore/hardcore and heavily punching programmed (breakcore-ish) beats filled in with demented voices and desperate screaming and somehow hazy yet razor blade-alike stitches. In a nutshell, the result is frantic but highly appealing. A demonstration of (metal) power.
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