Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sangre Y Tierra - El Machete Negro (2013)


/Improvised music, Black metal, Noise, Avant-metal, Drone, Psychedelic, Lo-fi/

Comment: Marvin Quinones´ 4-track issue takes on thoroughly lo-fi and noise tinged black metal explorations, however, bringing forth its charm with regard to ghastly, resonating sonic walls and massive, punching gears underneath. Furthermore, the issue provides some psychedelic resonances every once in a while. At times the compositions are varied with silence-induced snippets and whining, abrasive guitar riffs. In true, the centric track Agonia is a improvised one based on flange and stereo effects as if having a duel between a static and convulsive layer. By kindred souls I recommend to listen to Wreck And Reference`s Black Cassette (2011).
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