Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pete da Clinker - Tuning in for the Dropout (2011)


/Art rock, Alternative rock, Shoegaze, Noise rock, Space rock, Psychedelia, Acid folk, Singer-songwriter, Experimental rock/

Comment: Peter Clinker was born in Kent, England who later went on to London to realize his ideas to get a pop star. In 1998 he established a psychedelic musical group, called Clinker with whom he has been releasing a handful of albums since worth to get more attention they have got so far. For instance, Good Trip, Bad Trip (2011) is a wondrous blend of psychedelia, motorik/math rhythms, and deft songwriting. However, the one and only album of his solo project to date shares many similarities with the main project, especially with the latest album A Distorted Image (2012). On the other side - it should be understood - it is the other project, though. More concretely, it embraces serene yet psychedelic songwriting (by the way, harking back to the British acid folk music scene in the 60s and 70s) which deviates at times due to entries into blissful but quirky brass pop endeavors, industrial-near and shoegaze-tinged bravado, some thought-provoking electronic snippets and fluent infiltrations. In a nutshell, the result is elegant and formidable filled with eargasmic crests and spaced-out heights. Recommended for the serious rocker at least.
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