Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ossie - Ossie Baba EP (2013)


/World music, Breaks, Ethnotronica, House, Afrofuturism, Alternative, Crossover, Acid house/

Comment: Ossie is Ossie Aneke (also being known from the group Black Orange Juice) whose 3 tracks are spreaded out over 11 minutes. More profoundly, it is a tight blend of skittering afro rhythms and (electro) house grooves, acidic synthesizers, soulful singing and autotuned vowel effects. Despite a huge array of sonic styles and elements the EP is knitted without any disturbing hacks and dents. In a word, Ossie proves that he is enough on the ball to be the artist under the umbrella of Hyperdub (listen to his previous publications on it).
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