Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NSI - Pathways (2012)


/Darkwave, Modern classical, Neoclassical, Avant-garde, Soundscapes, Ambient, Electro-acoustic/

Comment: this miscellany of 12 tracks is spreaded out over 56 minutes. However, it is long enough to contain something intriguing throughout the course. Indeed, it does because delivering a forgery of intimate piano chords wrapped up in gauzy, dark-tinged ambiances and suggestive electro-acoustic flutters or embellished with figured, doleful orchestrations frequently. All in all, these compositions provide enough power to move the passion of the mind. There are represented the likes of Halo, Science Teheran, Joaquin Mendoza and Georgina Brett, Arthur Buravlev, Andrey Kireyev, Samn Johnson, Colored Noise, Naoki Ishida, Taishi Kamiya & Eriko Toyoda, Asceptic Void, Shinji Yamashina.

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